Heat Transfer Printing (Sublimation) Process

Sublimation is a process in which some substances move directly from solid to gas status at a given temperature.
The wood grain transfer printing process is the inks penetrate into the powder coated layer at a high temperature, finally getting a decorated effect on the surface.


1) Cover the profile with wood grain paper or wood film, and make vacuum with the device of the transfer machine.
If you use wood paper, put the profile into the high temperature-resistant bag (plastic bag) at first, then make vacuum.

2) Slid the profile into the oven for heating transfer, the heating temperature is between 170-180℃,heating time is about 15-18 minutes. The exact temperature and time depends on the quantity of profiles you put into the oven each time.

  • Vacuum Wood Grain Effect Transfer Machine

3) After transfer procession, slid out the profile, then waits for 5 minutes to cool down the surface temperature (the pump is still rocked and the profile is maintained vacuum).

4) Open the pump and blow in air to release the film (plastic bag) off the profile, if use paper, need to tear out the paper after releasing the bag. Then all the transfer printing procession is finished.

  • Finished product


  • STEP1 Powder coating

  • STEP2 Pape wrapping

  • STEP3 Vacummize

  • STEP4 Clearance

  • Cautions of vacuumize